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September 29, 2015

Richard Nonas at MASS MoCA, 2016

On view beginning February 2016, Building 5: For five decades, Richard Nonas has created a body of work whose terse, reduced vocabulary belies its power to fundamentally alter our sense of space, time, landscape, and architecture. His totemic sculptures — made from earthy and industrial materials that have a timeless character (wooden railroad ties, granite curbstones, massive boulders, and thick steel plates) — have reimagined space and terrain all over the world. With horizontally oriented, ground-based works and wall-mounted works executed in a wide range of dimensions and weights, Nonas has developed a vocabulary of serialized geometric forms that both command and alter their environments, while retaining an intimate, human scale. In one of his most ambitious projects to date, the artist’s quietly powerful sculpture will occupy and transform MASS MoCA’s Building 5, the museum’s signature gallery, which is nearly a football field in length. The museum’s history as a manufacturing plant makes MASS MoCA a particularly fitting venue for Nonas, who, since his early career — when he and his peers presented guerrilla exhibitions in alternative spaces — has often been drawn to raw industrial buildings. Nonas will create a major new work specifically for the trussed, window-lined Building 5, and will also install a selection of existing sculpture. The monumental exhibition will bring well-deserved attention to Nonas’ lifelong practice and his significant influence. Read More
September 24, 2015

Fergus McCaffrey’s presentation of Gutai at FIAC 2015 brings the avant-garde Japanese art collective back to its European home.

Fergus McCaffrey, New York / St. Barth is pleased to announce its participation in the 2015 edition of FIAC. Paris has always been very receptive to the Japanese avant-garde, be it theater, design, fashion, music, or art. For Fergus McCaffrey’s presentation at FIAC 2015, we will focus upon the renowned avant- garde art collective called the Gutai Art Association. Download